There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be.

Whether you are a public body, a corporate, a financial institution or an SME, your organisation either has, or will, experience a cyber incident and you cannot be too prepared for the aftermath.

Part of this preparation involves the development and maintenance of strategies and documentation to deal with the full range of legal and regulatory risks associated with this dynamic area.

Regulatory investigations, media attention, customer demands, and ultimately civil litigation – all are foreseeable and require a careful, yet rapid response.

Centred on our technology practice, our cyber team provides timely advice and solutions to your unique cybersecurity challenges – our team of lawyers works with our technical and risk partners to deliver an integrated solution. The technical knowledge of our team allows us to work directly with your IT security team and in-house counsel, with no lost time for translation of specialised terminology or concepts. Our experience working with government agencies, enables us to support internal investigations and external interactions with practical advice.

Key Contacts

Key Contacts

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LEGAL 500, 2020

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